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HAHN+KOLB Logistics

HAHN+KOLB Logistics Centre in Ludwigsburg

HAHN+KOLB's Logistics Centre is one of the most modern warehouses in all of Europe. The HAHN+KOLB Logistics Centre in Ludwigsburg commenced operations in September 2013. Its state-of-the-art logistics systems are truly impressive. Smart interactions between people, technology and IT ensure that we stay relentlessly up-to-date with our shipments. We have what it takes to meet all of our customers' needs.

A tote warehouse designed as a shuttle system forms the centrepiece of the system. Currently, the storage spaces have been expanded from 70,000 to approx. 110,000 spaces. In addition to the container warehouse, a high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 4,000 storage locations is also available.
Approximately 4,000 parcels can be packed per day at the packing workstations. We use a packaging solution for parcels that automatically adjusts the parcel volume to the contents. This reduces the use of filling material and the transport volume.

Logistics Centre Ludwigsburg

Facts and figures


Surface area:
10,000 sq.m.
Incoming goods:
2,500 sq.m.
Loading ramps:
9 ramps for incoming and outgoing goods
Service level:

Tote storage (OSR shuttle)
Tote storage (OSR shuttle)

Tote locations:
Storage locations:
Rack aisles:
6 with 170 shuttles
Shuttle speed:
2 m/s
Storage and retrieval operations:
3,000 pieces/h

Pallet storage (narrow aisle truck warehouse)
Pallet storage (narrow aisle truck warehouse)

Pallet locations:
Rack aisles:
3 with 3high-rack forklifts
Storage height:
14.50 metres
Storage and retrieval operations:
75 pieces/h


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Telephone: 07141 498-5410
E-Mail: logistik@hahn-kolb.de