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Process optimisation with HAHN+KOLB

We take on your process optimisation

We optimize your production line according to the current standards of lean management and its methods (5S, JIT, OPF method). With us, you get the complete service from a single source - starting with an individual consultation at your site, through the assembly of the appropriate products, to after-sales service.
In addition, we also offer a sustainable solution concept for the upstream supply chains or the delivery network.

Many offer process optimization - HAHN+KOLB offers more

  • Trained and experienced experts on the subject of lean management
  • Analysis of your processes and concrete proposals for solutions
  • Visualization: 3D-plans of your factory
  • Delivery and installation: ready-to-use complete solution or ready-to-assemble kit
System Workstations

Together with you

  • we consider the entirety for the efficient design of the value chain – LEAN
  • we perfect your processes step by step - KAIZEN / KVP
  • we clean and order processes and workplaces - 5S / 6S
  • we design working environments and optimize them – Ergonomie
  • we develop concepts for the design in your supply chain - Supply-Chain
Lean + Kaizen

Our expert consultants support you in designing efficient work processes and workplaces. Possible wastes (mudas) in the work organization are analyzed and reduced step by step. Together with you, we evaluate individual work steps and plan them anew. In doing so, we draw on our broad portfolio of tools. From floor markings and flow racks to transport equipment and packaging material, everything that is necessary to design the best possible process in the value chain for you.
Upstream and also downstream processes are considered, so that the material you need is in the right place at the right time.

Realize your ideas for lean and efficient manufacturing. Let our specialists advise you specifically for your needs and benefit from our first-class product range.

We offer you numerous products for equipping your warehouse, plant and workshop.



These rules are not only used to set up workstations in a functional way, they can also be used to optimize time-critical, repetitive processes. Our expert consultants will support you in streamlining and restructuring your work processes. Many of our standard products can be used for this purpose or they can be individually adapted to your needs. In the respective areas, such as transport, Kanban, lifting technology or in the machining or clamping process, our specialist employees are at your side.

As far as tidiness, cleanliness and safety at the workplace are concerned, our OPT-I-STORE hard foam product meets almost all 5S or 6S criteria. If it should go beyond the "drawer" ETUI and picking solutions are possible. In addition, hard foam inserts can be supplemented with components such as CLIP-O-FLEX, Euroboxes, cases or other systems.

Our specialized technical consultants will be happy to support you.



Together with you, our expert consultants develop concepts for individual workplace design. Ergonomics not only promotes the health and well-being of employees. It also has significant added value for your company.

Your next-gen workplace, complete typical ergonomics products such as workplace mats, spring balancers, balancers, and various chairs. Essential additions, such as employee-friendly lighting or even items for noise reduction are an important part of designing any individual workplace.

Discover the diverse possibilities and equipment variants of our system workstations.


Together with our specialized e-business team, we develop concepts to strengthen your supply network.

Interfaces such as OCI and EDI continuously automate your procurement process. Your processes for scheduling, ordering and logistics of tools and other consumables become faster and more cost-effective. Lean and efficient purchasing solutions, from the procurement process to tool output, are made possible by our HK-MAT system.

With our customized solutions, you optimize your purchasing process and thus your procurement proces


Optimize your processes

Workshop containers

Workshop containers

Profit from our complete solutions for workshop container.


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