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Practice-oriented seminars for professionals and beginners

The HAHN+KOLB Academy offers a range of interesting seminars on issues relating to machining, hardness testing and measuring technology. HAHN+KOLB's expertise in these key areas is particularly valued by our customers. Our goal is to pass this knowledge on to you. Lectures are supplemented by practice-oriented applications. We use cutting-edge course materials so that you're always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Hardness testing

As well as the fundamentals, you'll also learn everything about the latest standards, the right way to test various components and materials and the main standard specifications.


> overview of standards for stationary and mobile hardness testing procedures and devices, and past and current activities in the field
> factors affecting hardness test results
> hardness reference plates - introduction to the reference standards
> state of the art - innovations in hardness testing
> direct and indirect testing of hardness test devices
> mobile comparative hardness testing procedures - rebound and UCI procedures
> conversions of hardness values
> calibration - daily checks - uncertainty analysis


> checks of homogeneity and factor b for hardness reference plates
> the influence of force transmission conditions on hardness testing
> the influence of sample geometry for Rockwell measurements
> evaluations according to BRINELL (bright field and dark field illumination)
> selection of test methods according to task


Our machining seminars cover not only the latest trends and developments, but also methodologies for correctly evaluating the factors influencing your machining performance. We take care to ensure that theoretical content is supplemented by practice-oriented applications so that you're up-to-date with the very latest in the field of machining.


> cost-saving cooling lubricant management
> HAHN+KOLB brand: review and implementation of the factors influencing the machining process
> three- and five-axis tool and mould making
> high-performance milling tool


> ATORN milling cutters: materials-based implementation of modern milling and thread milling strategies
> Efficient bore machining - technology and tool navigation
> ATORN clamping technology: innovative products, tips and trends
> modern milling strategies ("True Mill")

Cooling lubricant management


Learn the fundamentals about how to achieve practice-oriented management of cooling lubricants which generates added value, at the same time as finding out about the regulatory framework.

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Topics covered during the seminar:

> separation options for oils and particles
> ways of supplying machinery with cooling lubricants
> cooling lubricants and cooling lubricant systems: test procedures in practice
> optimum maintenance and care
> boosting profitability
> cooling lubricants and regulations

Measuring technology


In our seminar on measuring technology you'll learn the fundamentals of length measurement technology, valuable know-how from the fields of measurement system analysis and surface measuring technology and how to analyse machine capability.

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Topics covered during the seminar:

> contactless measurements - what does the future look like?
> contour measuring technology - fundamentals and applications
> Quo vadis? Internal or external test equipment management and monitoring
> future trends in production technology


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