Our E-business-solutions simplifie your procurement process

Electronic procurement solutions from HAHN+KOLB.


We have put a lot of thought into how our customers could design their purchasing more efficiently. The result is procurement modules such as the HK-MAT and the individual e-catalogues, which offer the right industrial solution for every need. In this way your processes for scheduling, orders and logistics for tools and other consumables become easier, faster and cheaper. From the procurement process to tool distribution, we enable you to have lean and efficient business solutions in accordance with the lean philosophy.

If you have any questions about setting up and using our e-business solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our e-business contact.

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Electronic purchasing with these modules

E-business systems that think: HAHN+KOLB offers several options for automating your procurement process. These can be implemented into your procurement process individually or in combination:

HK-MAT automatic tool machine

HK-MAT: automatic tool machine

The HK-MAT is a dispensing machine, which is constructed in your operation. It enables permanent access to the most important tools, full cost control and a simple ordering process. You can buy, rent or receive our dispensing system free of charge via an additional turnover agreement.

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The electronic solutions from HAHN+KOLB minimize your manual efforts. Use the OCI and EDI interface systems to transfer and exchange data quickly. Accelerate your order processes and simplify the procurement processes with our e-catalogues.




Access our catalogue assortment from your enterprise resource planning system.

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Save process costs with electronic data exchange.

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Use our electronic catalogues on your platform.

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HAHN+KOLB online shop

The HAHN+KOLB online shop gives you direct access to our extensive assortment, with more than 120,000 products. We are constantly working to develop our shop so we can offer you an even better shopping experience, and to make your online shopping intuitive, individual and fast.

In just a few easy steps, you can register in our online shop with your HAHN+KOLB customer number. You then have instant access to all functions, with your personal HAHN+KOLB-conditions.

Your benefits:

  • If you are logged in as a customer, you can see prices with your unique company conditions
  • Your own material numbers are displayed
  • You can search for products in several number ranges (HK, ATORN, manufacturer numbers)
  • You can see additional information, such as CAD and cutting data, and product data sheets
  • You can use the intelligent user management system, with budget management, approval workflows, etc.
  • You have comprehensive filter options by important article characteristics
  • You can see availability display and the you have the option of requesting a delivery date
  • You can see an order overview as the various stages are documented
  • Simple and correct re-ordering via favorites lists
  • Purchase on account