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Quality standards at HAHN+KOLB

Proven quality and safety

Our certificates lay testament to our quality standards and serve as transparent documentation of our performance. Regular audits confirm our skills and ensure that our processes undergo continuous improvement.

Certificates and guidelines:



  • We are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and audited to VDA 6.2 standards.
  • We adhere to the provisions of the REACH Regulation.
  • We are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified.
    HAHN+KOLB's environmental policy is designed to save resources, avoid waste and promote the recycling.


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Certificates Certificates


An overview of our certificates and their content


DIN EN ISO 9001 is the most widely known and significant standard in the field of quality management (QM). It forms a basis for the continuous improvement of quality management systems (QMS).

DIN EN ISO 9001 sets a benchmark for the requirements which must be met by companies in order to meet customer demands and additional demands in terms of product and service quality.

The most important feature of DIN EN ISO 9001 is its focus on processes. It ensures that processes become more streamlined, faster and less prone to errors. HAHN+KOLB does not regard DIN EN ISO 9001 certification as a one-off event, but as a strategic process implemented by all employees on a daily basis with a view to continual improvement.

VDA 6.2
VDA 6.2

VDA 6.2 lays down specific requirements for service providers in the automotive industry. It represents the highest standard which companies can currently achieve, and allows them to continually optimise their focus on the customer.

VDA 6.2 makes a significant contribution to holistic services management in modern companies. In tandem with DIN EN ISO 9001, it allows companies to perfect their quality management system. Its structured processes and mandatory accountabilities guarantee systematic compliance with the prescribed quality standards. Reference is also made to traditional management and service provision processes.


The term "REACH" refers to the EU's Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals,
one of the most stringent pieces of legislation on chemicals in the entire world. It offers a high standard of protection for humans and the environment. Its provisions are intended to ensure that any chemicals placed on the market can be used safely. It also embodies the principle that consumers are entitled to information about the chemicals which individual products contain. These requirements are met by HAHN+KOLB by way of the safety data sheets published for each product in our online shop. If a safety data sheet is missing, please get in touch with the relevant contact person.


Environmental management

In the planning and implementation of environmental measures, HAHN+KOLB not only takes account of the binding obligations from DIN EN ISO 14001, but also beyond this. The continuous improvement of the environmental friendliness of our processes and procedures is ensured by regular definition of corporate goals, their implementation by appropriate measures and their review using key indicators.


Network security

We keep a close eye on any issues which may affect the quality of HAHN+KOLB's products and services. For example, our IT infrastructure has been DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security, and audited in line with the "IT Security" section of the Würth Group's Policies and Procedures. It was found that HAHN+KOLB had taken comprehensive measures to prevent any data security threats. Our endeavours in other fields such as occupational health and safety, conflict minerals or the potential radioactive contamination of our products have also been corroborated.


Industrial safety and health protection

The safety and health of our employees is important to us. Therefore, we want to reduce workplace-related risks and create solid framework conditions for the well-being of our employees. The ISO 45001 standard supports us in implementing the systematic approach to prevent health risks, accidents and injuries in the workplace. Our goal is to further strengthen overall business performance through a safe working environment and a healthier workforce.

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DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 Certificate
VDA 6.2: 2017 Certificate
DIN ISO 45001:2018 Certificate