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Sustainable management at HAHN+KOLB

Sustainable management at HAHN+KOLB

To ensure our environmental performance is improved in the future, relevant topics have been defined and specified that have a significant and immediate impact on the environment. These topics form the foundation for the work done by HAHN+KOLB in terms of environmental management. By planning and implementing future environmental measures, we are not only taking into account the binding obligations of DIN EN ISO 14001, but are also committed to go beyond them. So, we consider aspects like our ecological infrastructure, our energy efficiency, our resource consumption and our procurement processes from perspectives that are environmentally relevant.

HAHN+KOLB Ludwigsburg


In order to provide an overview of the individual areas with regard to the topics of environmental protection and sustainability at HAHN+KOLB, a comprehensive report was prepared. This includes the commitment of the respective departments as well as the entire company to environmental protection and sustainable development.

EcoVadis Ratin Certificate

Silver medal from EcoVadis

HAHN+KOLB was awarded the silver medal in July 2023.
The overall rating is based on scores in the weighted areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.
It is important to focus on a sustainable corporate policy and a transparent and targeted procurement strategy. The construction of the new company headquarters in Ludwigsburg in 2013 has already anchored sustainability as an important pillar of the company's values.
HAHN+KOLB has also revised its code of conduct and drawn up an environmental guideline. These serve as the basis for cooperation in accordance with ethical and environmentally friendly standards.

Social standards in the supply chain

HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH builds on compliance. In other words, adherence to guidelines and laws, internal company standards and a clear ethical mission statement. As part of a global value chain, we are aware of our responsibility and reflect our influence on the economic, social and ecological facets of society. Rules and standards must apply to everyone in order to enable fair cooperation. We rely on creating a transparent environment, recognizing misconduct and following up on indications of harmful behavior.
HAHN+KOLB GmbH assumes social responsibility with the help of sustainable supply chain management. The minimum requirements with regard to environmental protection, human rights and fair labor and business practices are checked.

Below you will find our complaint procedure.

Below you will find our declaration of priciples.

HAHN+KOLB company headquarters

If you have specific indications of breaches of rules in connection with the business activities of HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH, you can contact us.


Plant-My-Tree and HAHN+KOLB

Tree planting

At HAHN+KOLB, profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. To fulfil our responsibility, we plant one tree for every HK workbench and HK workbench trolley sold.

The worktops of our workbenches and work tables are made of wood. The workbenches and work tables are built in such a way that work can be done on them for decades and that already speaks for a certain sustainability, as no resources are wasted as a result. But this aspect is no longer enough for us. We want to give a small part back to the environment and contribute to climate protection. That is why we plant trees in Germany, because: "Every tree counts".



E-charging stations

In 2021, we installed two double charging stations, i.e. a total of four charging points for electric cars. These are located in the semi-public area, in our visitors' car park. They can be used by our employees and visitors and are also available to the public.
In this way, HAHN+KOLB complements the Ludwigsburg charging infrastructure and not only contributes to more sustainability in the company, but also makes a general contribution to sustainable mobility.

HAHN+KOLB e-charging stations
Recyclate packaging


Recyclate packaging

Recyclate is made from plastic waste, i.e. it is "recycled" plastic. This recyclate is grey in colour and has no disadvantages compared to the plastic packaging used previously.

By using the recyclate packaging, we save a large amount of raw materials. In addition, the packaging is made of a lighter material than the previous packaging, which saves us up to 24 tonnes of CO2 and therefore makes a further contribution to sustainability.


Packaging machine

Since 2021, we have been using an automatic carton erector and sealer in our logistics. This automatically lowers the packed cartons to the necessary height and attaches a lid. This significantly reduces material requirements and the CO2 footprint in the further shipping chain.

This adjustment means that only as much filling material is used as is really necessary to protect the products in the carton. Therefore, we can probably save 30 per cent of packaging and filling material through the new cartonisation.
In addition, the packages are smaller overall, so that the loading space in the transporter is used more efficiently and ultimately CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Packaging machine
Resharpening service of HAHN+KOLB


Our proven resharpening service pays long-term dividends in terms of sustainability while offering maximum customer convenience. Resharpening, in individual wear periods, ensures higher performance and maximum tool life, which means that new tools do not always have to be purchased.

The tools reach the resharpening service in the secure HK Toolbox. They are measured and tested on state-of-the-art tool grinding machines and then precisely sharpened and coated. After completing the resharpening service, we return the sharpened tool free of charge in our 100% recycled and recyclable recyclate packaging.




HAHN+KOLB has again received the GOGREEN certificate from Deutsche Post for 2020.

In this way, we are compensating for the amount of greenhouse gases caused by the transport of our letter mail items in 2020.

UN Decade Award 2019


UN Decade Award

HAHN+KOLB has been awarded the "UN Decade of Biological Diversity 2019".
In order to prevent the worldwide decline in natural diversity, the United Nations has declared the period from 2011 to 2020 as the "UN Decade". The competition aims to draw attention to the value of natural diversity in Germany, as biodiversity is a prerequisite for the functioning of ecosystems.