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Your perfect CNC workshop

HAHN+KOLB offers you knowledgeable support in your workshop planning. Our expert consultants listen to your needs and analyse the conditions at your site. During the planning phase, you will receive our proposals along with a 3D plan of your future workshop. From planning through to implementation, we guarantee you the flexibility you need to realise your planned project in the best possible way. Our workshop facilities are very versatile and can be combined with each other. This means you will receive a tailor-made setup which you can integrate perfectly into your existing cutting tools and machines.


HAHN+KOLB for optimum factory equipment

A working environment which functions perfectly not only increases the motivation of employees, but also the efficiency of working processes. Whether in the workshop, warehouse or at the workstation: The optimal organisation of materials and tools is essential for smooth and efficient processes and short response times. HAHN+KOLB has decades of experience in the customised configuration of businesses of all sizes and structures.


HAHN+KOLB assortment


HAHN+KOLB measuring equipment

HAHN+KOLB offers high-quality measuring and test equipment for the entire field of machining, from hand-held measuring devices and dial gauges to 3D coordinate measuring instruments, layer and wall thickness measurement right through to hardness tests, optical measurement and control devices. We also have various systems for electronic measurement data transmission and processing on off er. Our experts will be happy to give you specific advice for your requirements. Of course, our measuring and test equipment will have already been calibrated when you receive it.