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Individual workshop equipment

Your individual workshop equipment

When the working environment is customised and configured to suit individual needs, employee motivation increases, and with it the efficiency of the whole company. Functional solutions, organisation, and cleanliness shape the decisions of an innovative company, and are a focus for employees in modern times.

Individuelle Betriebseinrichtungen


The optimised order and organisation of materials and tools, whether in the workshop, the warehouse or on the workbench, ensure efficient work processes and therefore quicker reaction times.

HAHN+KOLB has decades of experience in the customised configuration of businesses of all sizes and structures. From the company’s point of view, this creates efficiency, productivity, and value creation. From a visitor's perspective, this projects the image of a modern company with reliable production processes.

How to acquire your individual workshop equipment

The aim is to improve production processes and employee well-being, thereby increasing value creation in the workplace.

Individuelle Betriebseinrichtungen


  • Individual consulting
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • After-Sales Service

5 convincing benefits:

  • Economical use of space:
    Optimum use of space — the use of a modular system and our ability to meet all special requirements mean that workplaces and factories have maximum flexibility.
  • Ergonomics:
    Optimisation of the workplace and equipment to create better working conditions for employees.
  • Retrofitting:
    We are happy to provide consultation on workplace development on request.
  • Individual solution:
    At HAHN+KOLB, specialists work on site to ensure that your tailored solutions and customised equipment are always of top quality.
  • Efficient processes:
    Efficient process management enables production steps to be optimised.


Workshop planning with HAHN+KOLB

Workshop planning

We also support you in workshop planning.


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