Pay with GiroCode

GiroCode from HAHN+KOLB

Our invoices carry a QR code which contains all the information needed for payment; recipient, IBAN, BIC, amount and reason for payment.

Capture this data in a matter of seconds with your smartphone and transfer it to the bank transfer form without making any errors. All you need to do then is enter your TAN to make the transfer.

If you receive invoices by email, simply click on the payment code. Your online banking software recognises the code automatically and processes the data it contains.


The benefits of GiroCode:

Bank transfer data in the QR code


  • Convenient payment with your smartphone via banking app.
  • No more tedious typing of bank transfer data.
  • No more careless mistakes in bank transfers.


Take advantage of our GiroCode. Save yourself the hassle of typing in the bank transfer data and gain time and security.