Achieve your goal faster with our navigators

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If you specify the application and the purpose of the tool, we'll tell you which product is suitable. HAHN+KOLB's navigators speed up the search for the right product and minimise the effort involved.


Jaw Finder

Find the right clamping jaws for your lathe chuck intuitively and quickly. T-slots, interchangeable jaw grip soft, plain jaws, stepped jaws, segment jaws, block jaws and many more. A reverse search is also possible.

Your benefits:

> only 4 clicks
> jaws for more than 3,000 different lathe chucks
> most products available from stock

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Glove Finder

The glove finder guides you to the hand protection that fits your individual application. With just a few questions, we determine from our product selection which gloves may be suitable and give you a recommendation.

Your benefits:

> simple product selection
> incorrect purchases are avoided
> quick and convenient

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Tool Navigator

The Tool Navigator will help you to find a machining tool for drilling, reaming, threading, milling or turning. You can also access the Cutting Data Quickfinder. Simply enter the eight-digit material number of your tool.

Your benefits:

> no installation required
> minimises search effort
> large selection of machining tools and compliance with all common standards

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Gauge Navigator

Internal calliper gauges, flat limit gauges, snap gauges: our Gauge Navigator will help you find the right gauge for your application. Specify the gauge type and properties, and we'll find the right gauge for you within a matter of seconds.

Your benefits:

> clear specification of gauges
> quick to access and easy to use
> automatic shopping cart generation and submission of an offer

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Safety Shoe Finder

With the help of the safety shoe finder, you can quickly and easily find the right safety shoe for you. By answering a few questions, the finder will help you make the right choice.

Your benefits:

> Uncomplicated use
> Find the right safety category quickly
> Exactly the right shoe for your work environment

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