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Tool trolley, workshop trolley

The mobile tool storage

Workshop trolleys or tool trolleys are suitable for anyone who needs their tools in more than one place, which is why they are particularly popular in the areas of assembly, commissioning and in workshops. With a workshop trolley, the user can store tools cleanly and safely, but still always carry them with him.

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What is a tool trolley?

Tool trolleys are the mobile alternative to stationary drawer cabinets. They offer large storage space to store a variety of tools and additional workshop supplies. They are the ideal solution to transport your work equipment without much effort to any place in the workshop, in the plant and in production.

The different models from our range meet all requirements for convenient handling as well as clear and material-friendly tool storage. This allows you to store your tools neatly and protect them from unnecessary wear. The workshop trolleys are versatile and, with the appropriate design, can even be used as a stand-alone workstation with a work surface and a full range of tools. Depending on the design, the troughs in the cover allow the stowage of small parts and the perforated plates attached to the side offer the possibility to attach various holders for additional storage space to the tool trolley.

Discover the advantages of workshop trolleys and tool trolleys

Our workshop trolleys make your everyday work more efficient and offer you numerous advantages:

  • Time saved in work processes, as the workshop trolleys can be used to transport a large proportion of the tools at once, thus saving unnecessary running around

  • All tools within easy reach: Better organization, as the tools needed are stored in one place

  • Clarity, as the tool trolleys can also be equipped with hard foam inserts

  • Protection against external influences such as dirt and moisture

  • Security against theft with lockable tool trolleys

  • Additional storage options and work surface on the top cover

  • No tilting thanks to individual drawer pull-out stops

  • Edge protection to prevent damage in the event of a collision with obstacles

  • Ergonomic handles facilitate handling

Which tool trolley is the best?

To make sure you find the right tool trolley for you and your needs, we have a wide range of different sizes and equipment for every need in our tool trolley range.

Use the filter function to narrow down the product selection according to the features of the tool trolley that are important to you. Depending on the number or size of the tools to be stored, you can select the desired load capacity, width or height for your tool trolley. Furthermore, you can select the number of drawers and determine whether the drawers of your tool trolley should be lockable.

If you only need mobile temporary storage for the most important tools, you are well advised to use an ATORN tool trolley with swivel columns, for example. The compact trolleys are light and maneuverable and provide quick access to loosely stored tools in intermediate boxes and on storage surfaces.

For more extensive work requiring a wide range of tools, larger tool trolleys or workshop trolleys with lockable drawers or doors are the right choice. We have the right trolley for every storage space requirement and for use in a wide range of conditions: the simpler models are lightweight transporters made of sturdy sheet steel with a plastic storage surface for temporary storage of tools and for light work. The drawers with full extension can be equipped with tools in hard foam inserts, for example. Our tool trolleys with upscale equipment offer special comfort in handling and are suitable for use in the most demanding conditions: Their features include, for example, heavy-duty chassis, impact protection, stable column design or drawers with higher load capacity as well as pull-out stops as anti-tilt protection.

Discover our range of tool trolleys and workshop trolleys - from entry-level models to professional workshop trolleys

Tool trolleys from ATORN, HK, HAZET, GEDORE, STAHLWILLE and more...

  • ATORN tool trolleys mean outstanding quality for you at an unbeatable price. ATORN stands for perfect product quality, innovative technology and enthusiastic customers. If you don't want to compromise on quality, durability, resistance and workmanship, choose one of our many ATORN tool trolley models.
  • HK tool trolleys from our own brand HK also offer you the ideal storage of complete tool boxes and the individual composition of hard foam inserts for your workshop trolley.
  • If you would like to choose a tool trolley from HAZET, you can select the right tool trolley for your needs from the models in the HAZET Assistant range.
  • Also discover different GEDORE tool trolleys in various designs in our range.
  • Furthermore, we offer STAHLWILLE workshop trolleys and LISTA workshop trolleys with numerous different equipment and design options.

The right tool trolley design for your needs.

Choose between numerous different sizes and designs the perfect companion for your daily work use.

  • Depending on the products to be stored, we offer tool trolleys with a width of 605 mm up to 1,133 mm.
  • Pay attention to the correct load capacity of the tool trolleys or the individual drawers and select load capacities from a total of 300 kg to 1,400 kg or from 20 kg to 40 kg per drawer, depending on your needs.
  • With many of our tool trolleys, you can choose between a different number of drawers in the design. In our entire range, we offer workshop trolleys with four to a maximum of nine drawers.
  • Tool trolley equipped with tools: So that you have the complete equipment ready to hand at the start, we also offer equipped tool trolleys. In this way, you receive an assortment of tools with the tool trolley at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
  • In addition to the right model, you will also find suitable accessories for your tool trolley in our online store.

Useful functions of your tool trolley

  • Individual drawer stop to protect against tipping over
  • Individual drawer locking for additional security of one drawer and/or central locking for securing all drawers using a cylinder lock
  • Soft-close closure
  • Edge protection to protect against damage due to collision

Extra-large tool trolley for extra storage space

The ATORN tool trolley from HAHN+KOLB is now available in XL and XXL format - they offer extra storage space for a wide variety of spare parts, equipment and tools in your workshop.

The extra wide tool trolleys are particularly robust and suitable for daily use due to their double-walled construction and the continuous stainless steel worktop. The full extension drawers are equipped with a soft close function and have a load capacity of 40 kg each. The tool trolley has a total load capacity of one tonne.

ATORN tool trolley XL



ATORN tool trolley XXL



Tool trolley equipped with tools

A large number of different tools are required for daily use and should be stored within easy reach. Choose between different equipped tool trolleys at an unbeatable price-performance ratio, depending on your requirements and operational needs. With our equipped tool trolleys, you will receive your tool trolley including hard foam inserts and a high-quality tool assortment.

In addition to the filled tool trolleys, our equipped hard foam inserts are also available separately in the online store. In addition, you have the option to customize your hard foam inserts.

Hard foam inserts for tool trolleys

Tool storage in hard foam inserts made of resistant polyethylene is particularly space-saving, gentle on materials and clearly arranged. In the preformed, colored troughs, each part has its fixed place: Missing tools are immediately detected by the color contrast and can be returned to the designated storage location. Stored firmly and securely, the individual tools cannot collide with each other and be damaged.

Hard foam inserts save time, space and resources and are therefore among the most important innovations in the field of tool storage in recent years. They are available with different sets of high-quality tools and in sizes to fit the drawers of your workbenches and tool carts. In all our tool trolleys with tools, the suitable hard foam inserts are already included.

In our assortment we also offer you hard foam inserts equipped with tools.


The following ATORN tool trolley models are compatible with our hard foam inserts

Individual hard foam inserts with OPT-I-STORE - tailor-made for your needs

For the individual configuration of your hard foam inserts you can use our OPT-I-STORE software. Here you can, among other things, configure the size and tooling composition of your rigid foam inserts yourself.

Tool trolley accessories

For optimal use, we offer the appropriate accessories for your HAHN+KOLB tool trolley. Secure practical anti-slip mats for a better grip in the drawers, increase storage space with hitching boxes and holding frames and ensure even better organization with can holders, document holders and waste paper baskets that can be attached to perforated plates on the sides of the tool trolley.

Discover a selection of accessory products for tool trolleys