Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing at HAHN+KOLB.

Electronic invoicing is becoming increasingly important and is a service that we offer you free of charge. Digital invoices help to make your business processes more convenient and efficient.

Unlocking your company for electronic delivery is quite simple; just complete the form below and in future we will send you your invoices as a PDF file by email.

The benefits for you:

  • Payment deadlines are easier to meet
  • No documents lost in the post
  • Environmental protection
  • Complies with tax legislation
  • Simple internal distribution
  • Paper tray no longer required


Unlock your company for electronic invoicing:

If you want to receive your invoices by post again, please write to us at:

Contact us for more information:
Phone: +49 (0) 7141 498-5050
Email: online@hahn-kolb.de