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OPT-I-STORE hard foam inserts

Hard foam solutions from OPT-I-STORE ensure a perfectly organized workplace and can be used in all areas in the sense of the 5S concept. Tools and other work equipment can be stored and transported practically and safely. Our robust hard foam inserts can be designed individually according to your wishes. In addition, we offer already equipped hard foam inserts in numerous variants and dimensions, which they can use for use in drawer cabinets, trays or tool trolleys.

OPT-I-STORE Benefits at a glance

Overview and organization

  • Tidiness and organization at the workplace
  • Workplace organization according to
    5S concept 
  • Reduction of search times, improvement of work processes and work productivity

Robust, multifunctional material

  • Oil resistant, water repellent, low-maintenance
  • Odorless and food safe
  • Protects against dirt, environmental influences and bumps
  • ESD version possible

Customized hard foam inserts

  • Flexible arrangement of your tools
  • Easy, virtual planning with the
    OPT-I-STORE Designer
  • Individual sizes, colors and materials for multiple applications


Design custom hard foam inlays

With our free OPT-I-STORE software, you can design completely individual inserts. The contours of your own tools and work equipment can also be scanned and integrated.


The materials

The individual OPT-I-STORE solutions can be designed in different materials - besides the classic rigid foam also with cork, plastic or wood.


Application possibilities for OPT-I-STORE

Discover the many possible uses of OPT-I-STORE, from tool storage in workshops and factory equipment, to transport and office organization.


Equipped hard foam inserts

In our product range you will find numerous hard foam inserts in various dimensions, already equipped with different tool sets.

Application examples for OPT-I-STORE solutions

The individual OPT-I-STORE solutions can be used in a variety of ways in all areas.

  • For factory equipment or in repair shops, e.g. for tool trolleys, workbenches and in combination with the CLIP-O-FLEX system workstations
  • For transportation and packaging, e.g. in a tool box
  • For office organization
  • For presentation or as a gift item, e.g. in an elegant, personalized case
OPT-I-STORE hard foam case
OPT-I-STORE hard foam insert for office organization
OPT-I-STORE transportation
OPT-I-STORE hard foam case with chocolate
OPT-I-STORE hard foam case
OPT-I-STORE hard foam insert for office organization
OPT-I-STORE hard foam inserts in trays on perforated wall
OPT-I-STORE hard foam easter bunny

Equipped hard foam inserts

In our onlineshop you will find numerous, ready-equipped hard foam inserts with various tool sets in different dimensions. 

ATORN tool trolley with 7 equipped hard foam inserts

The ATORN tool trolley with its robust sheet steel construction and solvent-resistant synthetic worktop is ideal for being used as a mobile workshop. All tools can be stored safely and within easy reach in the drawers.

The tool trolley can be used directly due to the 7 hard foam inserts in 4 drawers, which are equipped with 151 ATORN tools. For the production of individual hard foam inserts, suitable for these drawers, the following clear internal dimensions are recommended: Width 520 mm, depth 345 mm.

The well-organized order and protected storage of the tools in the drawers enable fast and effective work. Missing tools can be identified at a glance thanks to precisely fitting cutouts in the inserts and the contrast color blue.

The tool trolley is equipped with four abrasion-resistant wheels, whereby two are steerable and one swivel castor can be locked. Individual mounting options using rectangular hole grids on the side walls allow flexible attachment of hooks for tools or other attachments like can holders and waste paper baskets.