HAHN+KOLB's calibration service

Document the accuracy of your work with a calibration certificate.

We work together with our independent accredited calibration partner to offer a calibration service. If can be used both when purchasing new measuring and test devices and for the periodic recalibration of all of your measuring and test equipment.

Manufacturer-independent calibration and measuring technology services are documented using a works or DAkkS calibration certificate (as specified by the customer) so that you are always "audit-ready".


Five different types of calibration service:

1. Calibration, recalibration and repair of measuring and test equipment
2. On-site calibration service for stationary test equipment
3. On-site mobile calibration
4. In-house solution: a permanent laboratory in your factory
5. Test equipment management: we'll handle everything relating to management, calibration and any repairs


Order our calibration service:

  • On-site calibration: Make contact with our contacts and agree an appointment, specifying the type of calibration. Our calibration experts will calibrate your measuring and test equipment on site.
  • Calibrate new products: Order your measuring and test equipment, specifying works calibration. Order example: number x article number + comment: including works calibration. You'll receive your products as soon as they are calibrated. Please note that the delivery times are longer if the calibration service is used.
  • Recalibration: Complete the returns document and send it to us together with the measuring and test equipment to be recalibrated. We'll return the goods to you by post after they have been calibrated.

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Contact us for more information:
Order hotline for calibration:
Telephone: 07141 498-4848
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