ATORN Highlights


Only when our products have proven themselves in the toughest conditions and meet the highest quality requirements are they from ATORN. With ATORN you are building a future on a top brand. It offers you a high-quality range of tools for the toughest requirements and professional results.


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Dynamic component viewing without image tracing effect for production monitoring and quality control: The system integrated in the microscope head has powerful image processing software and a control engine, so no additional PC is required. The outstanding live image display in Full HD quality delivers 50/60 frames per second and provides a brilliant high resolution view of objects.


ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters are ideal for hard machining up to 65 HRC. The wide product range covers all geometries with the highest precision. The new TiAlSiN multilayer coating, developed exclusively for ATORN, impresses with its extreme hardness and lowest friction for optimum results.

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Instead of many small steps with losable parts such as clamping nuts, flanges and wrenches with a lot of effort, changing is now much easier and faster. Discover the innovative angle grinder system from ATORN.

Experience top performance with the new ATORN glove series A-Mech and A-Shield. Whether in assembly areas or where there is a risk of cuts - ATORN gloves offer you a perfect fit, top quality and maximum performance for daily use.

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The electronic pocket vernier calipers from ATORN are now available in four new versions: Discover the models IP40, IP40 with data output, IP67 and now NEW IP67 with integrated wireless.

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HAHN+KOLB presents the new measuring instrument from ATORN: Roughness measured very gently. The handy roughness measuring device easyROUGHNESS impresses by, among other things, its versatile application possibilities thanks to the dual feed unit.




ATORN - Performance demands quality


With over 35,000 items available, including drilling, milling, turning, grinding and cutting tools, as well as measuring equipment, workshop supplies and workshop equipment, ATORN offers a wide range of products and is constantly adding new items. Whether you're looking for non-recoil soft-face hammers, HPC end mills, robust workshop trolleys or state-of-the-art tool presetters. With our wide range of products, we are a reliable partner and provide customers with everything they need to put their skills to maximum use on a daily basis.

By professionals for professionals
ATORN uses only high-quality materials with solid workmanship, designed and produced for everyday use in repair, maintenance and installation in workshops and enterprises and on construction sites. All ATORN tools incorporate our accumulated manufacturing know-how, so you can produce the highest quality. And all at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

ATORN. Performance demands quality.
To ensure that our products meet the highest demands and requirements, they are subjected to a large number of high quality tests beforehand. And only if a product meets ALL, yes ALL, of our quality requirements, are we happy to put the name ATORN on it.

Customers' everyday experiences are our inspiration
There is no better way for us to develop products that meet our customers' needs than through direct contact with customers. We hold detailed discussions with users of our products at trade fairs or on site. Only through this direct feedback can we identify problem cases. Through constant dialogue we then develop tools that are precisely tailored to a specific situation.

Quality assured for your workplace
ATORN tools are subject to the highest quality requirements and are manufactured according to our requirements and those of our customers. This results in a wide range of tools for all our customers' application areas.