Spring balancers, balancers and positioners

Spring balancers, balancers, and positioners are the perfect tools for assembly and production. They enable safe and fluid work processes and prevent premature fatigue.

AUTOSTAT products
Spring balancer

For safe and ergonomic work

Spring balancers (retractors) are designed in such a way that the retracting force increases with increasing rope pull. The devices are therefore the ideal assembly aids. They can also be used to lift heavy tools and auxiliary equipment effortlessly. After use, the spring pull retracts the working load back to its original position and releases the workplace. This makes it easier for you to perform all applications in which you have to repeat the same operation, such as screwing during assembly.


Fatigue-free working

Balancers enable continuous work at the workplace, even over long periods of time. They are designed in such a way that the retraction force remains the same over the entire rope pull. This allows the suspended load to float effortlessly at any height. This makes balancers ideal for lifting hoses and cables in the robot environment.


Flexible working

Positioners make it possible to provide devices, electricity, compressed air or lighting in a wide variety of situations. To work, you can lift and pull the supply unit to the desired height with ease. If the weight of the load changes, for example due to cables being plugged in and out, the positioner still maintains its height.
If you no longer need the supply unit, it can be lifted into a position in which it no longer interferes.

Your benefits:

  • extremely high product safety
  • very long service life
  • high spare parts availability
  • maintenance and repair possible in-house
  • high level of service: if required, we can take care of maintenance and inspection of AUTOSTAT products for you


AUTOSTAT - rustproof design


Spring balancers and weight balancers in rustproof design

For the food industry, AUTOSTAT offers spring balancers and balancers made of completely rustproof material. The high-strength aluminium alloy prevents damage from aggressive cleaning agents or high-pressure cleaners. The spring balancers are therefore particularly suitable for hygienically demanding environments, for example in the meat processing industry. The fittings, screws, ropes and karabiners are made of stainless high-grade steel. The safety hooks and all bolts are also made of stainless steel. This makes the systems absolutely safe to use, with a significantly longer service life.


High quality and certified

Every AUTOSTAT product is manufactured according to the highest quality guidelines. All devices are long-term tested and meet the requirements of DIN 15112. They also carry the GS mark for tested safety.


Lifting technology

Of course, all our other products for lifting technology are also of the highest quality. We offer you the right solution for every challenge. Optimise your work processes with HAHN+KOLB and find out about our range for lifting and handling bulky goods and heavy loads.

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