PIG® Grippy® safety message floor mats for distancing

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PIG® Grippy® safety message floor mats for distancing

These adhesive-backed mats provide a secure, non-slip surface for walking and standing that conveys social distancing and hygiene messages without damaging your floors

  • Colour: Black

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Art.-no. Type description Length x width Number of pieces per packet Gross Weight Quantity Price per
Keep your distance – Stay healthy! 23 x 23 cm 10 PCS 0.270 kg
(10 Pieces)
Please keep your distance 61 x 43 cm 4 PCS 0.875 kg
(4 Pieces)
1.5 m distance 20 x 66 cm 6 PCS 0.885 kg
(6 Pieces)
Please keep your distance 89 x 61 cm 4 PCS 1.814 kg
(4 Pieces)

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Perfect for clearly conveying and managing COVID-19-related distancing and queueing measures on your premises.


  • Highly visible—high-contrast printing helps to communicate important safety information.
  • Absorbent layer takes up liquids and draws them away from the centre of the mat
  • Interwoven fibres catch dirt and fine particles, preventing their spread
  • Tested and certified (by NFSI)
  • classified as slip-resistant R13 as per DIN51130 — suitable for use in work rooms and work areas with an increased risk of slipping due to grease, oil, food, debris, dust, flour, paint residues etc
  • tested in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013, with proven low slip potential, both in wet and dry conditions
  • complies with fire protection class Bfl-s1 in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 13501-1
  • Adheres to the most common commercial floor surfaces, including: Concrete, vinyl and ceramic tiles, natural stone slabs and linoleum
  • Easy cleaning: Simply sweep, wipe, vacuum or clean with wet vacuum cleaner or floor cleaner — the mat will not slide


  • Absorbs moisture, catches dirt and prevents slips, trips and falls
  • No need to remove when disinfecting floors—the mat and markings can withstand regular cleaning
  • The adhesive developed by New PIG keeps the mat fully fixed to the floor but enables it to be removed easily—no floor cleaning required


Its extreme durability can withstand the heaviest traffic—even forklifts—and means it can be used for up to 12 weeks