Dispensing systems, rotation / drum

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Dispensing systems, rotation / drum


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You need more information or have not found your desired product?

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An innovative solution for cutting tools and consumables. The HK-MAT RT is the ideal complement to the HK-MAT series. The RT uses the same dispensing logic as the HX vending machine and is particularly suitable for clear storage and dispensing of any cutting tools and consumables that are unsuitable for spiral vending machines. If a user is authorised to remove items from the machine, they can turn the levels in "direct removal mode" until the desired item can be seen. The desired compartment is opened by pressing the black button on the right side of the level. In list removal mode, the desired compartment is moved to directly and opened.


  • Master module: RTM
  • Add-on modules (satellite modules): RTS
  • Ideal for the storage of machining tools such as: drill bits, indexable inserts, cutters, countersinks, deburring tools and much more.
  • Ideal for the storage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as: hand protection, hearing protection, eye protection and much more.
  • Ideal for storing measuring instruments such as: Limit plug gauges, threaded plug gauges, ring gauges, threaded ring gauges and much more.


  • Up to 384 electronically locked storage spaces across 8 levels
  • One item can be stored per storage location without wasting space
  • After an item is selected via the search function or barcode scanner, the machine rotates the relevant product to the correct position in just a few seconds
  • No more time wasted through laborious searching
  • Retrieve exactly what you need on sight in "direct retrieval" mode


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