Overview of main features and advantages:

Auto-Calibration eliminates the need for time-consuming recalibration:

The auto-calibration function calibrates the lens at all zoom levels. This makes time-consuming recalibrations unnecessary. An outstanding advantage, especially for measuring tasks.

Smart image capture for maximum traceability:

During image capture, annotations and measured values are stored directly in the image. An image stamp with time, date, user details and magnification enables inspection traceability.

One-click autofocus display for quick function change:

One-click on-screen autofocus display allows quick switching between autofocus and manual focus when needed.

Internal memory for off-grid storage:

The 16 GB internal memory allows off-grid storage of images. This memory is also used for the stacking function (overlay file) for troubleshooting. In this function, two images are compared in rapid image change.

User-defined settings allow inspection tasks to be standardized:

This function allows you to save and recall settings such as brightness, exposure and magnifications. This allows similar inspection tasks to be standardized.

User rights allow you to restrict the scope of functions:

Access to the scope of functions can be restricted using user rights.

Graphical user interface for maximum ease of use:

An individually designed, mouse-controlled software interface that allows intuitive and efficient operation of the entire system.

Quick change system for additional lighting options:

The quick-change system allows the connection of further wireless lighting systems such as dome lighting, UV LED ring light, etc. The lighting is controlled via the internal control unit. This eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and maximises ease of use.

Extensive camera functions for ultra-sharp imaging:

Automatic and manual focus, exposure settings, white balance adjustment, etc. ensure ultra-sharp, high-contrast imaging.

Control via external control unit KPIII for fast workflow and routine work:

The optionally available Keypad III is the solution for fast workflows and routine tasks. Five pre-set grids allow for quick changeover. This eliminates the risk of operating errors, which has a positive effect on the entire inspection process.