Scheduled delivery so that your product arrives at the right time

Order your goods by scheduled delivery. You will receive your order on the following working day and determine the time by which the delivery should be received at the latest.

Requesting scheduled delivery:
1. Order by phone or email.
2. Specify that you require scheduled delivery.
3. You will receive your delivery on the following working day at the agreed time.

We deliver at your required time.

Please keep in mind:
> The order must reach us before 4 p.m.
> The weight of goods must be less than 32 kilograms.

Dates + prices
Delivery up to 9 a.m.: €45 per parcel
Delivery by 10 a.m.: €35 per parcel


Contact us for more information:
Free order hotline for scheduled delivery:
Phone: + 49 (0) 800 9813-188