Tool resharpening and recoating

We can make your tools ready for use again. Our resharpening service offers the ultimate in convenience and safety: it goes without saying that we meet the requirements set out in DIN EN ISO 9001.

Resharpening tools maximises their operational capability, prolongs their service life and ensures premium quality. In particular, this requires accurate resharpening and coating after each wear period. Resharpening also saves on tool costs.

We can sharpen the following tools:

> HSS and solid carbide tools > tools with and without a cooling channel
> milling tools > drilling tools
> step drills > countersinking tools
> threading tools > reaming tools
> deburring tools > saw blades
> saw bands


After-treatment and coating

We also apply after-treatments or coatings.

Coatings available:

  • Standard coatings such as TIN, TICN, TIALN,
  • Super-nitride coatings such as ALOX SN² or TINALOX SN²
  • Other coatings for a variety of applications available on request.
Nachschärfen verlängert die Standzeit Ihrer Werkzeuge.

Your advantages:

  • HK-Toolbox collection and delivery service.
  • The HK-Toolbox guarantees safe transport.
  • We'll sharpen and coat your tools to the outstanding level of quality you expect from HAHN+KOLB.
  • We use state-of-the-art five-axis CNC tool grinding machines for our sharpening tasks.
  • We'll measure and test your tools if you ask us to.


Contact us for more information:
Telephone: 07141 498-5377