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Counterbalancing crane

With counterbalancing block

  • Max. load-carrying capacity: 500 kg
  • Min./max. throat depth: 925-2085 mm
  • Min./max. overall height: 1600-1880 mm
  • Min./max. lift height with minimum throat depth: 970-2300 mm
  • Min./max. lift height with maximum throat depth: 0-2950 mm
  • Outer running gear width: 800 mm
  • Running gear length: 1500 mm
  • Number of steering rollers: 1 PCS
  • Castor diameter: 150 mm
  • Material of steering wheels: PA - Polyamide
  • Number of load rollers: 2 PCS
  • Load roller diameter: 150 mm
  • Load roller material: PA - Polyamide
  • Min. load-carrying capacity: 175 kg
  • Colour: Traffic red RAL 3020
  • Model: ITI500N
  • Gross Weight: 536000 g

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Art.-no. Max. load-carrying capacity Min./max. throat depth Min./max. overall height Min./max. lift height with minimum throat depth Quantity Price per
500 kg 925-2085 mm 1600-1880 mm 970-2300 mm

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For direct approaches to machinery, ramps etc., ideal for loading and unloading in truck loading areas and for lifting and lowering loads in front of loading ramps and machinery.


  • With counterbalancing block
  • Weighted towards the rear
  • Collapsible column
  • Large ball bearing mounted wheels
  • Practical tool tray
  • Double-acting manual hydraulics
  • Steering brake shank with double wheels
  • Clearance height 1800 mm, clearance width 800 mm


  • Very compact design
  • Short running gear
  • Extremely manoeuvrable
  • Full boom can project over the load
  • Base protection


Includes filling, ready for use immediately.